Sunday, January 19, 2014

Here is one from 12/9/13! I love my kid!

Well we just got the call. I´m getting transferred! To Humaità. Basically I´ll be in the middle of Porto Alegre. Wow, this is going to be awesome. My companion is Brazilian. So that means my portuguese will be getting really good really fast haha.
I´m sad though to be leaving arroio dos ratos and elder g. I love this place. It is my first ´home´outside of the states, so it will be hard to leave.
Wow, so I can´t believe that its almost Christmas. I´ve been out for almost 6 months. Geez, time is just flying out here on the mission. The mission really is teaching me a lot. I´d recommend it to anyone. There´s nothing better than a mission to be pushed to your limit, learn and teach about Christ, and feel the spirit everyday.
Oh yeah, I read this talk from Uchtdorf, You Can Do This Now, and I thought it was one of the best talks that I had ever read. Listen to it if you get a chance.
I thank you all for the love and support, especially the Young women of the Roxborough ward. THank you for the super awesome Christmas package!
Elder Holloway

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