Sunday, January 19, 2014

wow, so my new place is pretty much a party and my companion is awesome. we live with two other Americans on the 3rd floor of an apartment building. We´re on the north side, yo. We are right next to the Grêmio stadium and right next to the airport. Every 5 minutes a jet passes 100 feet over our heads. It is so cool. It will never get old. the city is way different. Making contacts here is way easier. There are a lot more people, noise, but my area literally has no hills (yay) and it is smaller. Elder M and I are opening our area. THis means we´re both new here and have no one to teach, yay! Ha, we are finding new people and enjoying ourselves in the blazing hot sun. I do like my companion, and I am trying to teach him english but its hard. I don´t know if he has much desire. But I´ll keep trying.We are in a ward! With a chapel! and a real baptismal font! We also have a piano. I miss arroio a lot though.
here, i´m definitely eating less rice and beans. THe members here are crazy with the food. It is hard to not gain weight. Yesterday for example, we ate lunch with members, with ice cream after, after we ate dinner with members with ice creams and m&m´s, after that we all recieved an early Christmas present of a box of chocolate, and after all that, another family had a ton of extra delicious food from their dinner that they delievered to our door. I´m eating too well haha.
We´ll be going to the centro today. Man, sometimes I can´t believe where I´m at. never imagined I´d be seeing all the things I am, and meeting all the people I´m meeting. I´m loving being a missionary and i´m thankful that I decided to go. I know that you gain a testimony of principles of the gospel when you live them. Missionary work is the same. I was nervous before, and didn´t know what to expect, but living it makes all the difference.
ate proximo segunda!
Elder Hollywood

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