Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Yesterday my bud answered some of my questions. I just love him.

Hey Bud!
This week flew by for me, how about for you? I have more questions.....
1. When do you get to go back to the temple?
2. What fun stuff do you get to do on your p-day?
3. How about that less active family? I hate to see people leave the church. I know it happens for many different reasons but it breaks my heart. All I know is that everything good in my life has come from living the Gospel.
4. What are the stores like? I know how much you hate shopping but do they have just tiny stores or do they have like a Walmart.
5. Is there anything you'd specifically like for Christmas?
6. Have you gotten your package?
7. What's your favorite part of your day?
8. Do you love Sundays?
9. Are you bored with your ties?
10. You left some sweaters, I was thinking of sending them. Do you want me to? I know it's getting warmer so maybe later?

1. Next transfer I might go to the temple if my area isn´t too far away. So if I get transferred to Pelotas or some place far away, then yeah I won´t be going to the temple again for who knows how long.

2. The language is going well. when I´m humble, I can speak so much better. But yeah basically, I can speak with any random person on the street and hold a conversation about myself, missionary work, or the gospel. Regular conversations are coming along though. Everyday I see improvements. The fact that I can speak, read, and write what I can in Portuguese after 3 months, is a miracle. Seriously, it´s amazing to be apart of all of this.   At first it was really hard. I didn´t know anyone, my companion (although American) didn´t speak any English to me the first month. So yeah I felt pretty alone sometimes, but now its way better. My Portuguese is good enough to where my companion and I speak a little more English. 

3. The sad thing is is that I can´t remember which inactive family i was talking to you about. But basically no families have returned. so i guess that answers that question.

4.The stores here are pretty much the same. a little smaller and way different stuff to buy, but basically the same. I´ve only seen walmart in Sao Paulo by the way. That reminds me as well, here there is 0 fast food. In porto alegre they have some, but besides that, there´s nothing. It´s way different. i always talk about this with my companion. Life is America is so much faster than life down here. Up there people rush, eat and drive, and do other things. Here people take things easy, eat at the table with their families and other things like that. That´s something I like about down here.

5. For Christmas, ties, CDs, pictures, and a baseball. I specifically want a picture from my baptism. It would help a lot with some of the kids down here.

6. I have not received my package yet. We´re going to Porto Alegre today and it might be there, but probably not.

7. My day´s are great. They´re all the same but at the same time, always different. My favorite part of the day is probably going to bed, not going to lie. I´m always exhausted. But besides this... I´m not sure. Oh, having just a super good lesson with someone who is ready to hear it. That´s something I really like.

8. I do love Sundays. We get to sing with the primary, eat a delicious almoƧo after church, and teach.

9. I´m kinda bored with my ties. Haha, I only have 8 or 9. as you can imagine, sometimes I do get bored with them.

10.Don´t worry about the sweaters. Maybe next June you should send them.

I´m loving my mission right now and time is flying by.
Love you Mom,

See that, he loves me.

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