Monday, September 9, 2013

Just got this today. He sounds good and that makes me happy.

This week was fantastic. We had the most contacts we´ve ever had, the most lessons, and we had a baptism. It was great. We worked super hard, and I don´t even know where the time went. time on the mission really does go by fast.

This week was a little different as well. The mother of a a woman in the branch passed away. The death was expected, but it was still sad. I had the opportunity to be a pallbearer(?). That was interesting. I´ve already seen and done so many things that I couldn´t even dreamed of before the mission.

7th of setember was brazil´s independence day. There was a parade and it was pretty cool. The only thing is, is that the Gauchos down here don´t like Brazil. Hardly anyone sang the national anthem of Brazil, it was hilarious. the 20th of setember commemorates the day the Gauchos tried to break away from Brazil. Everyone is super excited for this day. All the Gauchos dress up, get on their horses and drink chimarro. It´s actually going to be really cool.

Theres this line in Nacho Libre that goes like this : And that is a crazy lady.everyday here I say that in my head. But really.. every day i see crazy ladys. I do love the people down here, even the crazy ones. They´re all Children of God and my favorite thing about living down here is conversing and teaching people down here.

if you all are curious as to what I might be doing during the day, at around 9 or 930 mountain standard time, there is a 95% chance I´m eating rice and beans with members.

Elder Holloway

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