Sunday, September 8, 2013

We recieved this email a couple of weeks ago. I felt like I needed some answers to specific questions so I sent him this list of questions:

1) are you warm?
2) do you live with members or have your own place?
3) do you have a maid?
4) are your shoes holding up?
5) do you need a mosquito net? for summer?
6) what would you like in your care package? peanut butter? socks? a new tie? treats that don't go stale?
7) are you doing good?
8) will you get to go to the temple sometime?
9) do you enjoy teaching?
10) what are your duties at church?
11) how big is the branch?

Here are his answers:

1) Yes, I am warm!
2) We have our own little place. And I mean little. Theres also little food in it. Classic missionary apartment
3) my maid is myself
4) my shoes are amazingly comfortable. But i did have to buy boot/work shoes for the mud and rain.
5) I´m not sure if I will need a mosquito net. I will let you know.
6)Peanut butter, face lotion, face wash (classic me, I know) stuff that won´t go stale, chocolate also. But make sure that if it were to melt during transport, it wouldn´t ruin everything else.
7) I´m doing good. Sometimes its tough. I think about home and how far away I am and how much more time I have and sometimes its depressing. But when you´re climbing a mountain, sometimes its better to look at your feet than to look at how much more you have.
8) I am going to the temple on the 28th. Which reminds me, my p day next week might not be monday. It might be wednesday the 28th, because of the temple;.
9) I love teaching people. It beats street contacting or batendo casas
10) We teach gospel principles and we are basically the servants of this branch. We aren´t supposed to be, but we´re working on this.
11) This past sunday we have 45 people show up. Woo! the problem here is number of priesthood brethren. There are 6 or 7 I think.
He also wrote this...

Well this week was pretty standard. Beans and rice. Everyday. Luckily i like beans and rice, otherwise this mission would be the most difficult thing of my life haha.

THis week I had my first baptism. Elder G and I invited, set up, planned and literally did everything for this baptism. I baptized an 8 year old boy named H. He is wild. Like insanely wild. But it was a good experience. His parents are members but I don´t know if he would´ve been baptized without us inviting him to be and doing everything else. I wasn´t even supposed to baptize him, his dad was, naturally, but his dad didn´t want to for some reason. Pretty interesting baptizing someone in a pool. Different, but awesome.

The Brasilians down here aren´t Brasilians. They are Gauchos first. They really don´t like the rest of Brasil and jokingly want to be their own country. Kind of like Texas. I think I´m serving my mission in the Texas of Brasil.

Taught more investigators and we´re helping reactivate this amazing family. I want them to come back so badly. The weather down here is getting better. I´m told i will burn like crazy during the summer when it gets about 110 degrees. I agree. I will burn like crazy haha.
This work is progressing in Arroio dos Ratos. Glad to be apart of it.
Elder Holloway
And some more pictures



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