Monday, September 16, 2013

From my boy today. I just love him.

Well this past week was great. It was really hot, 38 degrees celsius. Naturally, we ate bastante sorvete. This week was also my last week in my first transfer. Crazy how fast it went by. I got the call that Elder G and I will stay here for 6 more weeks. We´re pretty pumped. Lots of work to be done. We are so close to baptizing many people. We attribute this to our fast we had this week. Whenever we have a fast we ALWAYS see success. This principle of the fast is something that I never really used before my mission. But it really does work.

People here are upset about our spies that were spying on their president. We don´t really here much, but what we do hear is pretty biased against the United States. One guy told us that all of europe including england and russia are backing behind Brazil. Basically he alluded to the fact that he thinks there will be a war and that the US will be sorry for spying on Brazil. Pretty crazy.

Well Elder G and I are really getting closer. He´s a really cool guy. I learned that he played the computer game Age of Empires before his mission. How awesome is that? well it´s awesome for me.

Anyways, hope everyone is doing well. I´m enjoying my time down here in Rio Grande do Sul.

Elder Holloway

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