Saturday, July 20, 2013

We received this letter on 7/19/13. He sounds good and that makes me happy. We also learned that he will make his way to Porto Alegre on August 6th. 

Well another week has flown by at the CTM (Acronym for missionary training center in portuguese). I am loving it here. Oh, i got a new nickname this week from some Brasileiros, Elder Edward Cullen. I guess I just look like a pale vampire to some people, its cool haha. Well this week, was extremely humbling. My companion and I tried to drop an "investigator(Ellen)" we had because she hasn't progressed in about 12 lessons, and afterwards we were chastized. We were getting offended that she was falling asleep on us, and basically I was told my pride and unwillingness to love my investigators has led me to this point. I was mad, frustrated, and upset. But my teacher was right. I accepted what she said and now I'm really trying to learn from it. fast forward 3 days after my most humbling experience at the CTM to when my companion and I were able to commit our investigator(Igor) to baptism. I don't think myself and my companion could've done what we did with our second investigator without being broken down by our first. I hope I can take this lesson to the field and I hope that my pesquisador Ellen sees this change.
My companion and I are getting much closer. When you see everyone as a child of God, you really can't help but love them.
Also, with zero distractions and some scriptures, I am learning so much. I have found the deepest love I have ever felt for the Book of Mormon. Can't explain why it has affected me the way it has out here, but its truly an amazing book. 2nd Nephi is easily my favorite book now. I used to hate it as a kid, but it is truly inspired of God.
Elder Holloway

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