Friday, August 9, 2013

This email came to us on July 26th.

Time is flying by so fast here at the CTM. 1 month down, 23 more to go! I´m really enjoying my time here but the CTM can get a little old after awhile. All of us want to get out there so badly. Lucky for me I have 11 days I believe before I leave for the field.
2 days ago was pioneer day and this whole week here at the CTM has been full of all sorts of Pioneery(?) stuff. I watched 17 miracles on sunday and really liked it. I´m glad Dad had a successful talk! It´s funny he spoke last sunday, because this last sunday in my branch, I gave my first talk in Portugese and it went really well!
An aspect of the CTM that is never mentioned is how sad every week is. Literally every week you have friends leaving, it´s sad but it makes me want to get out even more.
I have not been able to visit the Campinas temple and I don´t think I´m going to. No one has ever mentioned going to that one, but it´s no big deal. I cannot post pictures in the CTM. It bums me out because I want all of you guys to see what I´m seeing! Haha although I have gained weight, my clothes still fit me. Don´t worry mom.
This week has been SO COLD. My mission got 2 inches of snow, and São Paulo has been freezing. The CTM is super open. The entire lower level isn´t enclosed. They also love to keep the windows open and have no heaters. But it´s all good. I´ll be praying for Madison. A bunch of Provo kids just came here so, I hope she´s not there long. I better see her this coming wednesday!
Anyways, I´m still down here doing well. I appreciate all the prayers.
An update on my Português, I can understand anywhere from about 30-50 percent of what the average Brasileiro speaks and I can speak about half as well as I can understand. I see progress everyday though, and I am super grateful for taking Spanish in school. Taking only 4 years of spanish has helped me tremendously.
This ones for Derek: Derek, the weeks feel like days and the days feel like weeks. just in case you were wondering haha.
Love you all. next friday is my last p day in the CTM. After that, I think the next time you´ll hear from me could be on the 12 of August I think? 
Elder Holloway

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