Saturday, July 20, 2013

This letter came to us on 7/12/13. We've been singing "this is Holloway, this is Holloway" ever since.

Before I talk about this week I want to quickly talk about somethings I missed from last week. I was called to be District Leader my first week here. In some ways it was an answer to my prayers. Also, here at the CTM we have 3 main groups of ethnicities. The Norte Americanos, the Hispanicos, and the Brasilieros. My district and I have some Hispanico friends who for some reason they love my last name. Every time they see me they sing "This is Holloway, This is Holloway, Holloway, Holloway" Remember the movie the nightmare before christmas? They changed the words from the song, This is halloween to this is Holloway and It makes me crack up everytime.
The food here ranges from super delicious, and recognizable to I have never seen this before and don't want to see it ever again haha. The food is good, and I guess I'm still just getting used to Brazilian food. They also have a Guarana soda fountain. Guarana is quickly becoming my favorite soda.
I make friends everyday, usually because the Brasilieros get cycled out every 12 days. You always see new faces here and I am definitely enjoying my time.
I was able to go to the temple again today. It was really awesome as usual and now I'm about to go out into the town. Sao Paulo is huge. I mean HUGE. Skyscrapers in every direction. I literally don't know where the middle of the city is because wherever you are you feel like you're in the middle.
Also, being here is very interesting. We get no information about the outside world. Including the protests. I haven't seen any protests while here in Brazil, and all the info I get is from a couple instructors.
Speaking of instructors, my "investigators" are both bad and good. Ellen, is not progressing and its quite frustrating. We're still trying to find out how we can help her completely. My other investigator or Pesquiador is Igor. Igor is progressing so much! We found out his problem(The real reason of why he wanted to meet with us), and now are building lessons around what he needs. He really trusts my companion and I. I know these lessons are fake, but you can still feel the spirit so strong. Let's just say I pulled a Mike Holloway during one of my lessons, and it wasn't allergies haha.
I am still progessing in Portuges and the other day my entire district of four people went all day without English, only portuges. We didn't get it 100 percent but we tried hard. It's amazing how you can do something difficult if you put your mind to it.
This is to Dawson, I wish you were here. There are so many times when I say "Dude" in kyle's voice and no one is here to laugh. It's kind of depressing. Oh and I have also forgotten almost the entire Daft Punk album lyrics. I literally cannot remember it :(
The work is progressing and its amazing to be apart of it.
Elder Holloway

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